Alexa is back! STRICKEN will be available May 6th by Purple Sword Publications! I can't tell you how excited I am about this particular book. Not only is it book #2 in my Alexa York series, but it opens up the possibility to a new spin-off series. Check out my blog, if you want to see the fabulous cover!

Also, it's not too late to get a copy of
The Light at the End of Judgment and Day. Even better, Mocha Memoirs Press is running a Spring Sale where you can get 25% off selected titles, including mine! But you have to be fast. It only goes from May 1st to May 10th.

It's been quiet mostly because I've been extremely busy. Now that things are finally beginning to settle down, I can get back to one of the things I love most. Storytelling.
I write urban fantasy, spicy paranormal romance, and young adult. Though I don't mind vampires, werewolves, and witches being a part of my world, I focus on lesser-known species who are putting their stamp on the supernatural community. So if you're looking for curses, half werewolves, animal spirits, doppelgangers, hags, a modern-day Frankenstein, or werecheetahs, then you've come to the right place.
Embracing the creepier side of writing.
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Strained, Alexa York #3, (Urban Fantasy)

The Grave at the Edge of False and Prophet
, Yvette Mills #2 (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy)

The Underground Portal (Fantasy Romance)

The Camping Trip (Horror, short-story)

TBD, Genevieve York (Urban Fantasy) - Yes, you read that rigt!

Ameila Con
Amelia Island, FL
The Light at the End of Judgment and Day
(Urban Fantasy)
Touched by an Angel meets The Conjuring.

Violinist and angel, Yvette Mills has spent almost 200 years living among humans while rounding up ghosts to send into Judgment. Back on the mend from her last confrontation with a malevolent entity, she’s ready to reenter the classical-music scene. One problem. She’s not facing one ghost. She’s facing hundreds with a few demonic entities sprinkled in.